Patients must visit their dentists twice a year for a bi-annual checkup, cleaning, and x-rays & should take care of their teeth every day. These visits are also an excellent time to be more proactive about patients’ oral health by asking questions to learn more about the current state of their dental health, available treatments, and concerns regarding cosmetic procedures. Engaging the dentist in a conversation is a simple way to relax during the visit while providing an opportunity, to be honest, and open about the dental needs and concerns. Asking questions and speaking frankly with your dentist can not only ease your anxiety but also catch potential issues before they become serious problems.

Remember, your dentist’s job isn’t just to fix issues with your teeth but also to help educate you on preventative care and general oral health. Always ask questions or clarification if you are not familiar with something mentioned by your dentist. If you have multiple questions but are concerned about taking up too much time during a checkup, consider setting up a consultation appointment instead so you don’t feel pressured.

At Oberoi Dental Clinic, we welcome your questions and invite you to contact us at any time with queries regarding our services, your health fund benefits, or what to expect at your next appointment. You will find some of our most commonly asked questions here on this page, but if yours is not listed, you can use our handy email or ring us on 09872197339.

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